Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today. Be it for jobs, security, climate change, food production or increasing incomes, access to energy for all is essential.
Sustainable energy is opportunity – it transforms lives, economies and the planet.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is leading a Sustainable Energy for All initiative to ensure universal access to modern energy services, improve efficiency and increase use of renewable sources.

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Part Design Geometry-Driven 3D Printing Toolpath Optimization for AM Energy Sustainability Improvement

Abstract: One of the most promising new manufacturing technologies in the past three decades is additive manufacturing (AM), also commonly known as three-dimensional (3D) printing or rapid prototyping. The energy consumption problem in AM can

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A Carbon-Conscious Closed Loop Multi Objective p-Hub Location Problem

Abstract: With increasing demand for environmentally-friendly products and government legislation incentivizing sustainable means of production, companies now look to adapt and incorporate these demands in production. Remanufacturing has been in industry for many years now

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A Benefit-Cost Study of Implementing Particulate Matter Filters onto Motorbikes in Kenya

Abstract: As different forms of pollution continue to cause destruction all over the world, it is evident that air pollution is causing detrimental effects on the health of people in the Republic of Kenya. With

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Feedback Systems in Sustainable AEC Building Projects: A Meta-Analysis – Work in Progress

Abstract: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects require communication to facilitate collaboration toward achieving sustainability goals. Unfortunately, the existing AEC industry has a fragmented nature, and despite working toward a common goal, team members work

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Wave Power Density Prediction With Wind Condition By LSTM in the Gulf of Mexico

Abstract: The uncertainty and enormous potential have been brought up high attention and plenty of research on exploration of wave energy. The movement of wave transfer generates huge available renewable energy and create quite harness

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Nationwide Biomass-bioenergy and Biofuel with Carbon Capture and Storage Supply Chain Optimization

Abstract: Biomass-bioenergy and biofuel have a great potential in alternative renewable energy production and carbon reduction. Biomass can be converted into a variety of bioenergy and biofuels via fermentation, pyrolysis, gasification or combustion with carbon

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How Global Supply Chains of Renewable Energy were impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic (A Case of India)

Abstract: To meet the demand of global necessity to offset greenhouse gasses, developing countries like India are required to meet their energy requirements through renewable sources with more than 36 percent of clean energy generated

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Sustainable Development Division Call for Papers for 2020 Conference in New Orleans

Call for AbstractsSustainable Development Track2020 IISE Annual Conference & ExpoHyatt Regency New OrleansNew Orleans, LAMay 30 – June 1, 2020Deadline for abstract submission is November 8, 2019Abstract SubmissionConference Site Dear Colleagues: We invite you to

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New York’s Climate Change Move – ISE Magazine

Nabil Nasr wrote an article in the September 2019 edition of ISE magazine, describing New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) passed in June 2019. Informally, CLCPA was called the New York Green

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