Massport named 2022 Excellence in Sustainable Development Award Winner

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) handles major transportation hubs and infrastructure within the state, including Logan Airport in Boston, waterfront property, cruise ship terminals and shipping ports.

They have undergone a period of extensive reviews of its internal processes and project delivery workflow, and had identified two primary areas where improvements were desired:

  • Internal Operational Efficiency
  • Capital Project Delivery Quality and Efficiency

To accomplish improvements in these areas, they deployed a series of improvement methods over the past decade. Lean processes and tools were adopted in 2013, Building Information Modeling (BIM) started in 2014, and the Last Planner System was rolled out in in 2019. Massport has prioritized Sustainability and Resiliency in design and construction, and encouraged its sister agencies and consultants to embrace these approaches as well.

Their efforts supported the following UN SDGs:

As a result of their multi-year efforts and results, they were awarded with the 2022 Excellence in Sustainable Development award from the IISE Sustainable Development Division.

You can watch a presentation from Massport from Oct 2022 below, or go to

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