How Global Supply Chains of Renewable Energy were impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic (A Case of India)

Abstract: To meet the demand of global necessity to offset greenhouse gasses, developing countries like India are required to meet their energy requirements through renewable sources with more than 36 percent of clean energy generated by Photovoltaics. Conventional energy sources emit greenhouse gas, contributing to global warming especially in major countries like India, the world’s 3rd largest consumer of electricity. Therefore, it is critical to focus more on renewable energy projects to offset carbon footprints. Meeting the required targets to achieve this goal has been impacted by the pandemic situation, resulting in a slower pace of photovoltaic growth with respect to capacity achievement. Our research aims to understand how the pandemic influenced the global supply chain and operations in Photovoltaics projects. We will explore both the impact on supply as well as demand side and identify any challenges created by the pandemic. This study is exploratory in nature as not a lot of literature is available to address this area. The data will be collected through interviews with Project managers, Suppliers, and other key stakeholders who were involved in those renewable energy projects to get better understanding of the unique risks and challenges created by the pandemic to global supply chains of photovoltaic. The outcome of this study will help in identifying key risk factors that impacted the global supply chains and what are the strategies that need to be adopted to tackle those challenges and enable countries achieve their goals to fight climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

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