Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow.
People are experiencing the significant impacts of climate change, which include changing weather patterns, rising sea level, and more extreme weather events. The greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate change and continue to rise. They are now at their highest levels in history. Without action, the world’s average surface temperature is projected to rise over the 21st century and is likely to surpass 3 degrees Celsius this century—with some areas of the world expected to warm even more. The poorest and most vulnerable people are being affected the most.

Affordable, scalable solutions are now available to enable countries to leapfrog to cleaner, more resilient economies. The pace of change is quickening as more people are turning to renewable energy and a range of other measures that will reduce emissions and increase adaptation efforts.

But climate change is a global challenge that does not respect national borders. Emissions anywhere affect people everywhere. It is an issue that requires solutions that need to be coordinated at the international level and it requires international cooperation to help developing countries move toward a low-carbon economy. To address climate change, countries are working to adopt a global agreement in Paris this December.

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A Carbon-Conscious Closed Loop Multi Objective p-Hub Location Problem

Abstract: With increasing demand for environmentally-friendly products and government legislation incentivizing sustainable means of production, companies now look to adapt and incorporate these demands in production. Remanufacturing has been in industry for many years now

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Sustainable Education Tools: A Calculator for the Emissions of Greenhouse Effect Compounds

Abstract: This paper describes the use of a calculator for the emissions of Greenhouse Effect Compounds as Sustainable Education Tool, using the case of a major Mexican Transnational company. In 2012 the Climate Change General Law

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Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain Design Under Uncertainty

Abstract: Resilience and sustainability are major topics of interest in supply chain design and are well-studied over the past few decades. However, few studies have focused on modeling both topics together and exploring the interactions

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Optimal land supply for BECCS considering biodiversity conservation

Abstract: Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) will play a major role in mitigation pathways toward the 1.5º and 2ºC scenarios. Estimated land requirements for BECCS are big, ranging from 200 Mha-1500 Mha, for

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Financing Manufacturer Decarbonization with Carbon Credits from Net-Zero Projects.

Abstract: As mitigating climate change becomes so urgent, there is an increasing number of companies and organizations that commit to reach net zero around the middle of the century. However, most of them haven’t derive

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Eliminating Barriers to Girls in Industrial & Systems Engineering

Abstract: Eliminating Barriers to Girls in Industrial & Systems Engineering UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 highlights gender equality as the key to transforming our world. Women make up only 28% of the workforce in science,

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Carbon capture and storage: A feasible way to achieve climate goals – ISE Magazine

New technology can help reduce greenhouse emissions from manufacturing In 2019, we noted several important events related to climate change. In both the United Nations’ leaders meeting in September and the G7 meeting in France

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Sustainable Development Division Call for Papers for 2020 Conference in New Orleans

Call for AbstractsSustainable Development Track2020 IISE Annual Conference & ExpoHyatt Regency New OrleansNew Orleans, LAMay 30 – June 1, 2020Deadline for abstract submission is November 8, 2019Abstract SubmissionConference Site Dear Colleagues: We invite you to

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New York’s Climate Change Move – ISE Magazine

Nabil Nasr wrote an article in the September 2019 edition of ISE magazine, describing New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) passed in June 2019. Informally, CLCPA was called the New York Green

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