Evidence Based Green City Evaluation and Prediction in The New Normal

Abstract: A green city (GC) implies as an environmental-friendly. How to enhance every city to a green city is a crucial to achieve the new normal after the pandemic. The challenges are with soundness of diverse society-specific focuses that may lead to debate, dilemmas and conflicts of interests. The Evidence-Based Practice is the focus in this study, to resolve the deficiency of the diversity, difference, and political bias. The main objective of this research is to evaluate and predict greenness of cities/communities based on evidence. The research theme is to develop a green city predictive model. With this predictive model, a city’s greenness will be quantified, and the ranking of target cites can be made. In addition, weak indicators for each city also could be recognized and corresponding improvement strategies are suggested. The green city strategies will be provided as deliverables of the third theme. At the community level, creating green communities is not only about preparing the communities to cope with shocks and their aftermath alone, but also about provide the communities what public health knowledge systems can strengthen protective factors, such as strong social networks of health care. The networks can aid people and communities to manage, adapt, and ultimately recover well from COVID-19 pandemic.

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