Webinar: Meaningful Metrics, Collaboration, and Student Empowerment in Higher Education

All organizations grapple to find the most effective approaches to achieve the triple bottom line (people, planet, prosperity). Thoughtful decision-making led by a diverse mix of stakeholders can advance an organization’s sustainability, drive continual improvement efforts, and engage employees. This webinar, presented by Katie Leone, Sustainability Manager at Florida Gulf Coast University, will highlight metrics, processes, and approaches to successfully achieve and exceed sustainability benchmarks in higher education. It will specifically look at how tools like the sustainability, tracking, rating and assessment system (STARS) supports sound decision-making. The webinar will cover the theory of what resilient sustainability systems should look like and how one institution, Florida Gulf Coast University, practices and promotes sustainability through their mission-driven focus and people-oriented processes. Webinar participants within or outside of academia can benefit from better understanding the interplay between the theory and practice of how sustainability system function and learn strategies to optimize sustainability for their organization.

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