May 2021 Newsletter

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    Notes from the Editor

    Hi all!

    Happy May! The IISE Annual Conference is nearly upon us! This newsletter has some info on how to catch us at the conference, scheduled sessions to look out for, and award winners. If you ever want to get something put into this newsletter, please reach out to us at the “Stay In Touch” section below (we always recommend joining us on our Slack).

    Have a good one!


    Annual Conference Updates

    IISE Annual Conference – Sustainable Development Schedule

    The IISE annual conference is coming up on May 22-25, 2021. For the Sustainable Development track, we’ll be expecting a total of sixteen sessions, with two live sessions and 14 pre-recorded sessions (viewable at any time)! Live sessions will be at the following times:

    Channel Live 4 SPECIAL SESSION Tuesday 25th 9:00 to 10:20 AM

    1. PANEL: Industrial engineering student projects in nonprofit organizations and public sector
    2. Scaling Process Improvement Help for Nonprofit Organizations (ID #7608869)
    3. Challenges of Conducting a Public Sector Process Evaluation During the COVID Pandemic – a
      Case Study

    Channel Live 1 – 11:40 a 1pm Tuesday 25th Sustainable Supply Chain Management & Mobility

    1. A new fuzzy group decision-making approach for evaluating sustainability of food supply
    2. Mycelium Automated Packaging Production System
    3. Sustainability and competitiveness of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of
    4. EV Fast Charger Location-routing Problem under Ambient Temperature

    Registration is open at

    SDD Town Hall: Monday, 10/24 at 11:10 am ET

    Join us for the SDD Town Hall on Monday, 10/24 at 11:10 am ET during the IISE Annual Conference on Channel Live 5. This town hall is open to the public and not just conference attendees. Registration and login instructions are as follows, also see the attached file for additional screenshots:

    • In order to attend the town hall you must register for the conference
    • Town Halls are limited to 75 live attendees, first come first serve.
    • Suggested that you register for the town hall prior to the live scheduled event
    • Log into IISE annual conference at
    • Create an account, 3 sections are required for the registration, Profile/Photo/Networking.
      • After each section hit Save and Continue.
    • In the profile section all items with * are required
    • The photo section will require a photo be uploaded until Sat 5/22 @ 8:00 AM.
      • If registering prior to Saturday 5/22 use the IISE logo if you prefer not to use your photo
    • The networking section has 2 Privacy options selected by default
      • Deselect one or both of the items if not desired
    • Once registered, select Town Hall from left hand side of the MY Experience page
    • From the list of town halls select your preferred town hall
    • On your selected town hall page there will be a Video Chat button (on the bottom right hand side) that will be active 5 minutes prior to the scheduled town hall time. Once selected you will join the live town hall.

    Note: You will also have access to the virtual exhibit hall and the IISE Exhibit & Sponsor Theater. Select either choice from the left hand side of your main conference page.

    Excellence in Sustainable Development Award Winner: Free Geek

    Congratulations to Free Geek, the winner of the SDD Excellence in Sustainable Development award for 2021. You can find out more about Free Geek on their website at

    Best Student Paper Award Winner: “Sustainable Waste Management in Schools” – Emily Orr

    Congratulations to Emily Orr, the winner of the Best Student Paper Award for 2021. You will be able to catch pre-recorded presentation during the annual conference.

    Upcoming Opportunities

    Missing Maps Virtual Volunteering

    The SDD is planning on hosting a virtual volunteering event in mid-Summer with Missing Maps – an open, collaborative project to map areas of the world where humanitarian organizations provide support during disasters and crises. You don’t have to wait until the event to get started, however; learn more about Missing Maps here. More information to come soon!

    Recent Webinars and Interviews

    The Sustainable Industrial Engineer – Lean Implementation at the University of Michigan with Lisa Earls

    Lisa Earls is the Senior Operational Improvement Consultant at University of Michigan. She spent almost 5 years at the University of North Dakota before taking this new role in 2019. We discuss how she is helping teach and coach staff at the U of Michigan on lean principles using Everyday Lean Ideas and Daily Huddles. Check out the video here and embedded below.

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