Webinar: Adding Sustainable Development to your Resume

Presenter: John M. Corliss Jr., P.E., vice president, PEER Consultants

The evolving importance of sustainability and the recent adoption of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals created the need for qualified people to lead and support integrated systemic changes that balance technical, economic and social requirements. It has also created a “Wild West” type environment with no clear definitions of what it means to be sustainable or which professions are most suited for such work. Industrial and systems engineers have tremendous core skills that can help define standards, best practices, and products and services for this emerging field. We will also look at the significant growth in corporate sustainability positions, the addition of sustainability roles into existing positions and a recent groundbreaking survey of professionals in government, education, nonprofits and public works to learn what their immediate needs are regarding community sustainability and how ISEs can help.

As a result of this webinar, you will:

  • Know the 17 interrelated U.N. sustainable development goals and some of the performance measures established for each goal.
  • Understand how sustainable development grew from systems thinking and industry, not just environmental concerns.
  • See the relationship between corporate and community sustainable development needs and the industrial and systems engineering body of knowledge.
  • Get a sense of the sustainability-related jobs that currently exist, emerging opportunities and how we as ISEs can both influence and take advantage of these career choices.

Download the presentation, and watch the recording on the IISE website link below:

Learn more at:IISE: Adding Sustainable Development to your Resume

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