Using “Go and See” events to reduce water, energy and landfill costs

The lean approach of “Go and See” has allowed many companies to make great strides in process improvement, by encouraging leaders and engineers to walk out to the work area to solve problems.

The same approach can be applied to environmental impacts from a business or organization. A company provides products and services that can have a negative impact on the environment, such as water usage, air emissions, solid waste and landfill, toxins and pollutants, energy and carbon emissions.

The focus of the presentation will be to teach the attendees how to apply the “Go and See” approach to specific applications of water conservation (Water Walk), energy conservation (Energy Walk) and solid waste reduction (Dumpster Dive).

A simple “Go and See” model will be provided, along with templates for:

  • planning the event
  • conducting the three different events (water, energy, solid waste)
  • capturing and grouping opportunities
  • prioritizing the improvements
  • deciding which ones to implement
Learn more at:Using "Go and See" events to reduce water, energy and landfill costs

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