Reverse Logistics: Designing Your Supply Chain for Product Recovery


In today’s manufacturing climate, producers are paying increasing attention to the need for product recovery activities. Product recovery, including recycling, reuse, refurbishing or restocking, is becoming crucial for manufacturing product supply chains in a world of shrinking natural resources. Before product recovery can be integrated into a producers supply chain, however, several key high-level decision decisions need to be made, and these decisions can be integrated with the detailed supply chain decisions. We demonstrate how a manufacturer can use an integrated decision approach to optimize the reverse logistics network design, providing efficient product recovery in a manufacturing supply chain.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what product recovery (or reverse logistics) is, and what its major benefits are.
  2. Become familiar with the 3 major motivators for product recovery in manufacturing.
  3. Understand the conceptual or high-level decisions for product recovery.
  4. Understand how the concept decisions integrate with the detailed decisions of supply chain network design.
  5. See how the decisions have been implemented in a number of practical application examples.

Author(s): Theresa Barker , The University of Washington; Zelda Zabinsky, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Washington

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