Implementing Sustainability Into Your Existing Lean and Six Sigma Program


The best approach to drive sustainability into your company is to incorporate it seamlessly into your existing continuous improvement program, but it won’t happen automatically without some key tips. Learn how to explain sustainability to employees and improvement personnel, identify green waste, run events and projects focused on green improvements, and align ES&H personnel.


Some key points in the presentation:

  • How to identify green waste (waste not happening at the workplace after hours). Facilities departments help with the necessary utilities and efficiencies, while ES&H can help drive employee behavior to reduce excessive use.
  • Reasons why sustainability doesn’t naturally incorporate into improvement programs, due to the hidden waste occurring off-hours, and the fact that waste is often times minimal at the process level, but large at the aggregate level.
  • A quick summary of a green event and project implemented at Rockwell Collins (presented last year, a Six Sigma project and lean event format for energy reduction).
  • Present a list of resources (books and websites) for more information to attendees (EPA Lean, books, training classes, etc)
  • A checklist for events when ES&H cannot be in attendance, to make sure process changes have considered the environment.

Author(s): Brion Hurley, Rockwell Collins

Learn more at:Implementing Sustainability Into Your Existing Lean and Six Sigma Program

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