Fostering Rural Water Reduction in Colombia’s Paramo Ecosystem

One of the more unique biomes in the world is the Paramo ecosystem. Colombia has 35% of the total area covered by Paramos. It has ecological importance due to their biodiversity (several species of birds, deers, bears and plants). It’s also the most important source of pure water in the region.

A project was developed by Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Colombia (Engineers Without Borders Colombia). Starting in 2012, ISF Colombia has been working with the communities around these ecosystems, trying to preserve their conditions and develop green businesses (e.g. ecotourism).

In the first stage, students in the Guavio region sent text messages every day to a server with information about the water meters. In addition, each student received information about how much water they consumed in their house.

In the second stage, they implemented a platform that georeferences each house and their water consumption, but they can also report environmental issues using photos and pictures.

In the actual project, financed by the Colombian government, they competed in La Liga del Agua (The Water League) with quests and challenges.

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