Feedback Systems in Sustainable AEC Building Projects: A Meta-Analysis – Work in Progress

Abstract: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects require communication to facilitate collaboration toward achieving sustainability goals. Unfortunately, the existing AEC industry has a fragmented nature, and despite working toward a common goal, team members work in isolation, away from holistic thinking. Providing sustainable projects with systems optimization and multi-disciplinary collaboration then becomes a challenge. In recent years, increased environmental awareness has led to several studies on the project delivery of “Green construction.” However, no comprehensive study reexplores the outcome of integrated communication interventions to highlight correlated areas on feedback solutions. This paper compares and analyzes conference proceedings on feedback systems of sustainable AEC projects. The purpose is to identify gaps in the current research and promising strategies with technologies related to team collaboration and communication in sustainable projects. The results are based on qualitative and quantitative reported changes in teamwork mechanics and dynamics over time.

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