Development of a Regional community resilience framework with expert judgement

Abstract: Resilience is often defined as the capacity of a complex system to adapt and maintain its function and support the well-being of interdependent subsystems through adversity. The purpose of this study is to conduct a literature review of all existing resilience frameworks and to create a region-specific community resilience framework. The framework will be applied to Jefferson County, Texas, USA. Based on the initial framework reviews, the data is divided into geographical locations and subsequently categorized into five dimensions: infrastructure, environmental, economic, social, and health. All literature and compiled resilience indicators relevant to the corresponding dimensions were analyzed. The PEOPLES framework was chosen as the model framework for our study, and the related data was gathered from public databases. When evaluating the resilience, a predictive resilience model will be made by collecting historical and ongoing data. A survey will be set up statistically among the experts to make this model and was implemented to prepare the interdependency matrix. In the survey, the uncertainty of the answers will be determined using MATLAB coding. The resilience of each dimension will be determined using the data, along with the matrix analysis, the weighting of the pertinent indicators, and the initial and post-disaster functionalities. Functionality before the disaster can be improved by understanding the degree of resilience in the area. Lastly, resilience planning reduces vulnerabilities to allow the communities to persist despite natural changes. Overall, this study provides the initial steps to developing a regional resilience framework which will be applicable to other regions.

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