Optimization of Biofuel Feedstock Considering Different Land Covered Scenarios and Environmental Impacts

The world’s demand for renewable energy is growing, resulting in an increased need to convert biomass to biofuel. While this demand has a positive impact on lowering fossil fuel consumption, bioenergy crop cultivation can have

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Webinar: Meaningful Metrics, Collaboration, and Student Empowerment in Higher Education

All organizations grapple to find the most effective approaches to achieve the triple bottom line (people, planet, prosperity). Thoughtful decision-making led by a diverse mix of stakeholders can advance an organization’s sustainability, drive continual improvement

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Webinar: Life Cycle Assessment Methods: Need For Climate Change Communication (3C)

Sustainability has become one of the crucial topics of interest worldwide across the people in academia, industry and governments. Decision making initiatives have been supported with ample quantitative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods significantly in

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