Addressing the Challenge of IEs Helping Non-Profits


IEs are commonly driven to use their skills for more than their 9-5 work. A great opportunity exists in the non-profit sector as these organizations struggle with inefficiencies and growth. Yet connecting with such organizations and actually being able to complete a project (typically pro-bono) can be difficult and causes many organizations to go without IE help. This presentation uses recent experience to touch on initiating and carrying out such projects, given typical working constraints.


IEs seem to constantly be on the lookout for how they can use their skills to help the common good, especially in a humanitarian way. Occasionally they will seek out or come across a non-profit organization that can clearly use their help. Sometimes the organization will know they need help and other times they will need convincing. Once you find an organization that needs and wants your help, it can be difficult to execute. This workload will likely be in addition to other work and will be the first to go on the backburner. Compared to the typical IE projects, there isn’t usually enough time to put into diligence and planning activities or appropriate data collection to make a sound recommendation. However, does this mean you can’t help an organization in need using your IE skills?

This presentation will use a case study of recent work at a furniture bank, as well as other past experiences, to address how IEs can most effectively utilize their skills to help non-profits through pro-bono work. It will also address how to initiate such relationships and projects in addition to common issues encountered.

Author(s): Katherine Fisher, West Monroe Partners

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